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Welcome to the Central Carolina Society for Human Resource Management

We are an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management. Whether you are new to the HR field or have many years of experience, we are a local starting point for networking, information, professional development and continued support of excellence in Human Resources.


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The Psychological Toll of ‘Covering’ at Work

Mon, 04 Dec 2023
Many employees downplay their identities to fit into mainstream corporate cultures, also known as “covering.” Learn about the dangers of... Read more

Will USCIS Proposal to Redefine H-1B Qualifications Limit or Expand Eligibility?

Mon, 04 Dec 2023
USCIS is proposing to significantly modify the regulatory definition of a “specialty occupation,” the standard used to determine if a... Read more

USCIS Proposes New Selection Method to Curb H-1B Lottery Abuse

Mon, 04 Dec 2023
One of the most significant changes in the recent proposed rule regarding the H-1B visa program is the proposal to... Read more

Confronting Weight Bias

Mon, 04 Dec 2023
Weight-based harassment and discrimination are real—and getting worse. Listening to employees is a good start to addressing it.Read more