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Rise Against Hunger Event

    June 19, 2023

    CCSHRM partnered with Rise Against Hunger to package 10,000 meals in 2 hours.  

    Meals you packaged are headed to  Madagascar!

    Madagascar, an island nation off the southeastern coast of Africa, is home to over 28 million people. Thenation faces high rates of poverty, food insecurity and chronic malnutrition. Especially in the southern part of the country, low access to education, water scarcity and frequent natural disasters cause severe food insecurity. The Global Hunger Index, which assesses food insecurity based on indicators that measure undernourishment and undernutrition, categorizes Madagascar as having an  “alarming” level of hunger.


    Your impact

    To address some of the food security challenges that children, families, and communities in Madagascar face, Rise Against Hunger partners with organizations that support educational programs by providing meals to children at schools and early childhood development centers. This is a key part of Rise Against Hunger’s Nourishing Lives pathway. In some cases, the food children receive at school will be the majority of the food they eat in a day. The meals you packaged will help ensure that children have access to the consistent nourishment they need to live healthy lives and successfully pursue their education. Read more about the impact your meals are making by checking out this story on the Rise Against Hunger blog!